Minggu, 26 Juni 2011

Holiday at Anyer Beach
At the end of first semester, there was holiday which was very long about
two weeks.
Previously, I was just thinking about my study, because on the next semester
would be held an hard examination. But, I changed my mind to take
refreshing at the beach, which had I could get many happiness. Because, if I
just studying and studying, it would be possible if I would get stressed.
As soon, I called my friend and asked him where we will go at this holiday.
So, my friend had an idea that we will go to Anyer Beach. So we called
other friends and invited them to go together. And I was very happy because,
other friends came too. So, we planned our departure to go to Anyer Beach.
And it had been decision. The day was Monday until Tuesday.
On Monday, we had been ready to go to Anyer beach. When we arrived at
Anyer Beach, I was very fresh and enjoyed the scene. Playing with the sand
and water beach was very happy. We stayed at the hotel for tow days one
night. We enjoyed our holiday at this time. But, we didn't forget the
examination either.

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